After 13 years in the Coast Guard focusing on Marine Pollution Enforcement, I realized that we don't have a pollution problem--we have a knowledge problem.


It's a long-held fact that people protect what they love, and so I decided to change careers and teach people (especially youth) about the Marine Environment to encourage a generation of change. My Coast Guard career gave me robust experience with the ocean, marine ecology, and chemistry, but I did not engage in formal education. And so, here I am going back to school to pursue my B.S. in Marine Biology and ultimately my Master's in Informal Science Education to share with everyone I meet the wonders of the ocean. Please JOIN ME on my journey!


On this site, you can connect with Ocean Education Resources as I share what I learn and what I love about the Ocean.  My goal is to reach as many people as possible through providing access to ways to teach about the ocean to traditional educators.  I hope that students will not only learn science but also learn to love the sea, and that love will lead to curing our ultimate knowledge problem.

Ocean Education

Jill Lemon

Marine Educator

Develop and present educational materials for public outreach and education for all ages related to cetaceans, marine science, and environmental conservation.


OceanEducation by JL